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What have my clients said about their sessions:

Thank you Patty Brown for the best massage (again!) ever! I've had many really good massages over the years at amazing spas around the world, from NYC, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei -- but NONE as GREAT as yours. You are intuitive, focused and exemplify the ability to perfectly harmonize massage technique with your individual talents. Your positive energy and generous spirit are true gifts for those who get to rest upon your table! - Beth

BEST EVER! I never write reviews, but I truly want people to know how brilliant Patty's work is. I started off receiving massage which was fantastic. I noticed structural changes in my posture that had gone unaddressed for 20 years! Then I asked Patty to add Quantum Touch Energy Healing. It was then that I noticed that things started going easier: I didn't get stuck in hard emotional places, and I was less reactive, steadier, and more capable of seeing my role in conflicts. Once I noticed this I began to work regularly with Patty, receiving QT and I feel myself changing all the time, making better choices for myself, not leaning on old unhealthy coping skills, being more open to people, more honest with myself, and breathing through painful places inside myself that I used to be unable to tolerate. I am so grateful every day that I am lucky enough to know and work with Patty, my life is changing every day! - Anonymous ~ Therapist for 20+ years

Over the span of my summer work gig I racked up some serious muscle aches and pains. A massage was in my future as a reward to myself for making it through the previous 2 months. The last shift at work was finally on the horizon, when Patty’s Facebook post introducing her biz popped up on my feed and I knew the universe had provided me a massage therapist just in the nick of time. My appointment with Patty yesterday was fabulous and today I was pain free for the first time in weeks. She is truly gifted with an empathetic approach to holistic healing – mind, body and spirit – she gave me a massage that was rejuvenating.   – Sheri


I was in Lenox working with Belvoir Terrace when my sciatic nerve acted up on me through my hip. If you have ever had this, you will know it hurts. This made it very difficult to work effectively. Many restless nights of sleep. I had two seasons with Patty at BodyMind Massages. I will be completely honest with you. I was better the next day after my first treatment but I went back a second time because I just felt great after and I’m really glad I did. I came to New York and have been walking many miles being a Super Tourist with no pain (89.7 in 4 days). Thanks a lot for working me into your schedule Patty. I know you were already busy so I really appreciate your time. You really know what you are doing!  – Daniel

What I enjoyed about my massage from Patty is her exactness to tight muscles and her very calming presence. Rivals any other massage I’ve ever had! Thank you Patty!  – Karen

Patty was kind enough to donate her services to a raffle for the Berkshire Humane Society for a fundraiser... we were the lucky winners! My husband went for the massage because he's been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for years and massage has been very helpful. He was so impressed with Patty, he came home raving about how it was one of the best massages he's had in years!! We highly recommend her services! - Sheri & Bobby


Cyclists are big fans of massage for training recovery and the overall health benefits, and we know a good massage therapist. Patty is the real deal and highly recommended! - Mike

You are the Ninja Warrior Goddess of Deep Tissue! You restored my faith in it! - Rowan

I regard Patty as one of the highest caliber healer/massage therapists I've had the privilege to meet. She is committed to helping her clients in every way. I recommend her for everyone. - Emily Ricca, Albany Berkshire Ballet, Dancer

Patty is a true healer. She has a magic touch and an amazing attitude towards her craft. I have Had massage all over the world - from Hawaii to Russia, from China to Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico and Dominican Republic to Australia, NY and LA as well as here in the Berkshires - and can honestly say a massage with her is one of the best I’ve ever had. 
I will return. - Eiran, Gateways Inn

I've had lower back issues for over 20yrs. My first session with Patty was very helpful. 
Great technique. I would highly recommend Patty. As I'm looking forward to my next visit. - Justin

As a former competitive athlete, I've had many massages over the years (100s), but none as great as Patty's. She intuitively understands your needs and knows how to address them. Highly recommended.- Paul, ZOGICS

I just had the most amazing, much needed massage at BodyMind Massage with Patty Brown!! I have had trouble with my neck and shoulder muscles for years, and she just helped me SO much!!! It's no wonder she was voted Best in the Berkshires!! Thank you SO much Patty, love you always, I WILL be back!! - Debbie


I recently had a massage with Patty , I have to say I think it was the best massage I have ever had ! She spent time explaining what the 90 minutes would involve. At the end I felt wonderful and completely relaxed! Looking forward to the next time and trying a different massage! - Tracy

Patty has such a loving and beautiful touch. She had brilliant intuition when reading my bodys needs and wants. I feel lighter, straighter and looser! Thank you so much Patty! - Tara

Patty has the hands of an angel. Her intuitive nature allows her to quickly understand each individual's needs so she can customize each massage. She is brilliant and I cannot wait to get back on her table! - Angessa

Patty is wonderful! The massage I received was excellent and she took the time to understand exactly where my discomfort was beforehand. Her ability and skill to focus on your exact needs made the massage a more-than-worthwhile experience. I've already recommended her to family and friends and will continue to do so, along with scheduling my next visit! - Jon

Omg. Patty is truly a healer. Best two hours I've had in a long time! - Linda

An amazing, unbelievable experience! I had been suffering from Sciatica pain for two weeks (this episode) to the day when I stumbled across Patty in the FB world. I messaged her looking to book an appointment in the upcoming week... I was on the massage table in 3 hours for my massage! When I arrived I did my usual ritual trying to lower myself out of my vehicle to the ground without shocking pain. I slowly walked across the parking lot, being careful not to step too hard, cringing at the anticipation of the pain that was inevitable. I saw Patty for 60 minutes, was led to the door, and walked about halfway across the parking lot before I realized I was walking virtually pain free! I started to tear up, certainly not a feeling I was expecting but for the first time in 12 years, having received other massages, and chiropractic services, not only did I feel relief... I felt HOPE. Hope that I can live pain free. I'm 37 years old, I was coming to terms that back pain would just be something I had to deal with. I'm a self-employed Plumber?HVAC company. No sick days, no vacation days... no work = no pay. Patty, I can't thank you enough, you are truly amazing and I'm looking forward to our next appointment! - Corey

Magic Lady, Magic Hands. I feel like all the bad juju is out of my body after every massage! - Kate

Patty was kind enough to donate a Gift Certificate to a raffle for a Berkshire Humane Society fundraiser... we were the lucky winners! My husband went for a massage because he's been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for years and massage has been very helpful. He was so impressed with Patty, he came home raving about how it was one of the best massages he has had in years! We highly recommend her services. - Sheri 

My mom saw Patty for Quantum Touch Healing Energy Work and massage focused on anxiety and chronic pain. She couldn't be happier with her 90 minute treatment. Later that evening after her session, she noticed that her anxiety level had gone down and the next day her overall pain; especially in her left knee (stemming from a fall) had decreased significantly. The room and ambiance were beautiful. She HIGHLY recommends Patty. - Marci

I've had back issues for over 20 years. My first session with Patty was very helpful. Great technique. I would highly recommend Patty as I am looking forward to my next session! - Justin

Not to toot my own horn, but I have big muscles. That means you need someone who can really get in there and get all the way through to the deeper muscles. Patty is amazing. I've had hundreds of massages from both men and women and none even compared to Patty! - Justin

I just had the most amazing, much needed massage from Patty! I've had trouble with my neck and shoulders for years, and she helped me SO much! It's no wonder she has been voted Best in the Berkshires for 3 years! Thank you SO VERY MUCH Patty! I will be back! - Debbie

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